24 Hours in Phnom Penh

What to do when you have 24 hours in Phnom Penh
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7.00 am

Rise and shine! Took a tuk tuk to the base of Grasshopper Adventures.


Off you go, start the journey through beautiful landscapes, villages, temples and farms. Note: Difficulty 2/5-but not for the weak! Riding on the bridge can be tiring and some off roads can be slippery

Cost USD39 Inclusive of bicycle and helmet, cold water, fresh tropical fruits at first stop, yummy yummy lunch! And cold coconut after riding and cold towel.


Take a walk along the riverside and you will reach the famous Royal Palace.

Cost USD6

Tour guide would cost you another USD 10 for one hour. Note: Girls, please don’t wear sleeveless! Or else they will ask you to buy those shawl that would cost up to USD20. (Not worth it)


Another form of transportation you can consider when alone in Phnom Penh-motorcycle, easy to find. Upon walking out of a tourist spot if walking by the road they will always be random people by the road to ask you whether you want a tuk tuk or bike. A cheaper alternative option. Take a ride from Royal Palace to the Genocide museum or also known as the S-21 or Tuol Sleng Museum.

Cost USD2

This place the moment you walk in it gives you most eerie feeling It was emotional knowing that thousands was killed here, and it was not long ago, no one in the world know what was happening in Cambodia. You would actually go through the rooms they used to torture people, and the various kinds of ‘instruments’ used to torture people. I was walking alone on the second floor of the third block at the ‘individual cells’ made of wood. It was f*cking scary I am not even kidding I actually RAN out because it was quiet, it was dark and no one was there. I highly recommend this museum to visit, you would feel so blessed to be living in today’s world and not having to go through suffering. “The people today won’t ever know how we felt. They should be grateful of what they have today” While some opt for the killing fields right after this visit, I decided to not go as it was a little expensive for me to bear the transport cost alone as it was a distant away.


Wat Phnom

Back in the city. This is one of the main temples To be honest, I’ve expected more of this. (me and my expectations lol). But its what I would call a mini temple. Despite the size and there is not much to see, it was beautiful. Moving on.


Whisk away, drink away. Sunsets are at 6 ish pm, so that calls for chilling session! Take a tuk tuk or walk very far to one of the bars/restaurants along the riverside. I highly recommend a place called Touk-a restaurant owned by the family of my colleague. Cozy and stunning place! With good food and 50% off drinks for happy hour.

End the day with the some massage which you can find along the streets

Have a good stay in Phnom Penh Xx