6 Beauty essentials to have in the office


  • Oil blotters

While not many is a fan of oil blotters-I am. Blotting does the work for me, absorbing oil (vs tissues, absorbing make up AND oil) and making my face more comfortable, patting on layers of powder throughout the day to absorb excess oil will make my face feels cakey throughout the second half of the day.

  • Tinted lip balm

Your face tends to be pale and dry in air conditioned room. Opt for a tinted lip balm that moisturize your lips, adding some colour to your face without over doing it. My pick would have to be Baby Lips Bloom in Peach Bloom by Maybelline, this is my 12th tube and I currently have one in my handbag, make up bag, car, gym bag (that’s how much I love it)-Best bit? Its only MYR14 each!

  • Concealer

Nothing (secretly) annoys me more than the three words “you look tired”. Perk up those eyes using a concealer that fades eye bags and adds highlight to your face. This comes in handy, especially when your boss drags you to a meeting last minute-you don’t want to scare your clients away.

  • Miniature perfume

You (and your colleague) will be extremely thankful for this. For work I usually opt some something light, but sensual enough for after work outings.

  • Body lotion

Nothing is more unattractive than dry skin-especially if you’re rocking those sleeveless top! Moisturisers instantly gives life to your skin, giving out that healthy glow.

  • Dry shampoo spray

This spray will lift greasy, second-day hair in no time. While I don’t personally have greasy hair, this is extremely useful for when I go for a quick work out during lunch hour and don’t have the time to wash and style my hair.