I started this blog as a platform for me to showcase the fact that ambitious, work-focused gen-Ys who actually have a day job in the office is not at all boring and you can too have an epic life. When I am not in my office, I’m probably out there somewhere, sipping coconuts waiting for my next dive, or shooting a TV commercial-with my CFA textbook in hand. Or I could be at home, well, just sleeping.

I traded my life in the limelight, as a TV host for a life in the corporate world. Sounds bizarre and everyone (even my bosses) asks me why on earth would you do that, but I’ll get into that some other time. I now happily work in an investment bank as an equity research analyst.

“Work hard. Have fun. Make history.”

-Amazon’s tagline that I live by. I may have to juggle work, studies, life, shoots, but in between, I still do what I enjoy-travelling, scuba diving and lots of beauty products! Whatever it is that keeps you going, you do just that x