3 places to eat & chill in Langkawi

Scarborough Fish&Chips

This may not be a Malaysian national delicacy, but there is something about the fish&chips here that’s very welcoming. Tucked away at the quiet beach of Tanjung Rhu, I stumbled upon this shop years ago when I was looking for a spot to stop at Tanjung Rhu. This place reminds me of Australia, where you would just chill and have a good fish&chips by the bay.

Bon Ton Restaurant

Located 5 minutes drive from Pantai Chenang is the BonTon Hotel and Restaurant. The food might be slightly pricey, but I’d say come for the lush atmosphere, it will no doubt put your mind and soul at ease. Save your diet for later, have some space reserved for their dessert.

Hidden at Pantai Tengah

Langkawi’s sunsets are nothing short of magical, and here is a great place to enjoy them. Hidden Langkawi’s vibes is totally #instaworthy, and the perfect place to feed your Insta Feed. Complete with rattan chairs, bean bags and blue-white deco. Order yourself a drink, and watch the sun goes down with some live band music playing in the background.

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