My first Chanel Makeup Purchase

I was just browsing through the stunning Chanel Makeup Fall collection (how chic is the matte packaging tho) and then I realised, how come I have not bought anything from them?

Knowing me, it doesn’t take long till I found myself at Chanel Midvalley, where I spent a good one hour in the store (and the sales guy was so sweet tho), contemplating purchase decisions and finally walked out with only two products, which honestly I am super happy because 1) I managed to stop myself from impulsive buying things I ‘need’ and 2) I have been using the two products on a daily basis and been LOVING it.


Functions like an eyeshadow stick, but this is design to be used on at the crease area to give your eyes some definition. The formula is smooth and so easy to use-just draw a line and smudge it out with your fingers. I have been using this everyday, even on days without any eye shadow on.


I am a huge fan of warming my face up using a bronzer and this is by far my favourite. Sheer at the right amount, it is warm but not to orange-y, with tiny gold shimmers instead of big glittery chunks.


Safe to say these two products won’t be my only Chanel products for long.

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