To say I tried a lot of skin care and make ups this year-is an understatement. I really try outย a lot of it. Pregnant hormones made me do it. heh, blame it on the hormones. Lets cut to the chase and here are my top picks for skincare in 2017

CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir

Elixir is definitely the right word for this. I use this sometimes as a toner replacement, but mostly to either set my make up and whenever I needed a pick me up. Super fine mist, this wont drag your make up and gives you that instant glory look that makes you look fresh and healthy.

BY TERRY Cellullose CC Creme

You might wonder why this fall under skincare instead of makeup. That is because it has skin care benefits to it (vs make up which does not). Comes in four different colours, this is the perfect product for days you want to take a break from wearing make up, but yet want to look flawless. The serum contains Vitamin E and will blur imperfections, fill fine lines, brighten and moisturise.ย  Use it as an alternative to foundation or under foundation. You can get By Terry products in Malaysia at Ken’s

THE BODY SHOP Ginseng & Rice Mask

Personally I am a HUGE fan of face masks – but this has got to be my favourite of the year. It may not have any repairing benefits to it, but what sold to me was how smooth and energised this product made my skin look instantly after rinsing it off.

LANCOME Genifique Serum

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. This is my 5th bottle of this gem. Might be slightly pricey, but I still go back to this, even after I’ve ‘invested’ in others serums in between. I am honestly not one of those that was blessed with porcelain skin, so this product really helps in making my skin look a lot more luminous and healthy.

To be honest I was disappointed with a lot of my purchases this year. I’ve already ordered few exciting new brands to try in 2018, so cheers to discovering more gems next year! Xx

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