5 things you need to know about eyelash extensions


#1 I woke up like this

I wish. But no, you will notice your lashes sticking to each other, and might not even face upwards when you wake up so you would need to separate them using a spooley every morning

#2 So much lashes, but I only got two eyes

I was blown away by the many options they had. Colours, thickness, lengths, curl angles, Korean, Japanese, 3D, and the list goes on. It helps explaining to your beautician the kind of look prefer and keep in mind that what she had done on another person might not look the same on you

#3 High maintenance piece of…..lashes

The amount of do’s and don’ts can be daunting to some. I took the time to list down some for you

  • No oil based cleansers as it will dissolve the adhesive
  • Lashes can’t get wet for the first 24 hours (my beautician said to me “if possible don’t get them wet at all…..”
  • No mascara
  • No rubbing the eyes
  • Don’t ever pull the lashes, because they’re glued to your natural lashes-so you’ll end up pulling your own lashes

It lasts for 3-4 weeks at most, so the better care you do for them, the longer they will last

#4 Slightly off-balanced look

Many go for these babies thinking you can get away and still look presentable bare-faced. But here’s the thing about extensions, when I went for natural looking ones-with a full-faced make up your lashes look slightly underdone, and when I opt for a more dramatic look, I feel the need to wear a full face makeup to make my face look more balanced

#5 You will get addicted!

Eventually those extension will drop and my heart drops with them every time…. This is when I warn you-you might just get addicted because those natural lashes just don’t look live up to our new expectations anymore…

Wool sweater – H&M

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