New obsession: Pink Himalayan Salts

I have been using white Himalayan salts in the kitchen, but I only got to discover Pink Salts when I was guilt watching Lydia on YouTube, and I have been obsessed with these pretty-looking salts ever since.

Pink Himalayan salts are rich in minerals, and because of these it has ton of benefits. Regulating body fluid, reduce water retention, aid in metabolism, kick start the immune system. There are a ton of ways to make full use of these salts, but these are my favourite three. 75cbb76e-efb6-46cf-9d68-38a00aab8193

#1 Sole water

[Pronounced as So-lay] Drinking salt water may sound scary, but it does wonders. This mineral rich drink promotes energy, better skin health, and detox the body by improving hydration and absorption of nutrients.

How? Two slices of lemon and half teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Crystal salts in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning

#2 Coconut body scrub


I am personally a fan of homemade, DIY beauty products-so this is a huge winner. Use twice a week and hello super smooth, glowing skin.

How? Mix these together:

1 cup finely ground pink Himalayan salt
1/2 cup coconut oil
10-15 drops your preferred essential oil for scent. Personally love Bergamot for its uplifting scent, but this does take away the beach vibes from the coconut oil

#3 Detox bath

Take a twist on your usual ‘me’ time. This luxurious toxin-sucking salt does some magic for not only the body, but mind as well. Because these salts are said to contain 84 essential minerals that not only make skin baby-soft, but also efficiently detox the entire body. They are also high in potassium, which helps soothe muscles and prevent spasms.

How? Combine 1/4 cup epsom salt and 1/4 cup pink salt into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Dissolve into your warm bath. Light up your favourite candle, put on some jazz in the background and enjoy 30 minutes of your bath time.

Detox once a week to get the best benefits.


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