How to make your curls last

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Nothing is more annoying than having fabulous hair straight from the salon…….for one hour or so only. YouTube have tons of tutorials so I won’t go into details on how to curl the hair/blow dry. Curling can be one hell of a challenge, but for the hair to stay put can be as challenging-if not trickier. Here are some things that I do.

#1 Dry Hair

The drier, the better. After washing your hair, make sure that your hair completely dry. A tip is to quick blast with the hottest setting of your hairdryer at the end of a blow-dry. [Always dry wet hair with medium temperature]

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#2 Don’t over do it with products

Besides heat protectant spray, I personally don’t use any products on mine, just hair spray on certain occasions. My hair is slightly on the drier side hence its easy to style and the curls generally stay in place (ohhh the advantage of having dry hair). I find products-especially serums weighs down the hair. If you do have blessed (but in this case, cursed) sleek, healthy hair you might need some help. 1) Mousse to add volume and keeps hair light and 2) Salt spray to dehydrate and add texture. My favourite is Herbivore Botanicals it does the job and smells amazing! Remember: curls need to bouncy, so the lighter the hair, the better.

If you don’t have salt spray you opt for some hair spray- spray the hair before you start curling-it gives the same dehydrate effect as a salt spray.

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#3 Let the curls cool off in place

The hair sets when its cooled-best to let the curls set in place before letting it bounce on its own. Tip: use crocodile clips or bobby pins to put the curls in place but I just let it cool off slightly on my palms before I do the next section of the hair

#4 Avoid humidity

But if you live in a tropical country like Malaysia-I can’t help much with this. If you really have to run in the rain or walk outdoors in the early mornings-do clip your hair in a bun before stepping outside. This will keep the curls in place and reduce frizz.


#5 Finish off with light hair spray

After styling, lock in the curls with a light hair spray-try to avoid strong hold formulas as that will give you stiff locks that doesn’t flow. I usually use this light spray from Sachajuan Remember: light and bouncy.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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