Make up class with Natasya


Processed with VSCO with x1 presetA make up class may not be your typical way to bond with your sisters (in law), but it sure did its job very well and we had so so so much fun! I was that little girl that grows up watching make up guru on YouTube learning the tips and tricks, the do’s and don’t’s of makeup. Apart from ‘learning’ ways to make up-I clearly remember another thing, how it made me want to buy so many of the products the gurus was using. The make up class I went to last weekend was no difference-it made me want to spend- there is just so many products I don’t own (yet)!

My make up knowledge, out of 10 I would rate myself an eight, the balance of two is dedicated to my cursed talent of applying eyeliner, false lashes and of course, there is always room to grow.
Judging from her Instagram samples of previous work done, I would categorize her as the autmn hues, no eye liner-or on easy term natural.

Here are some key pointers I picked up from Natasha, that are make up worthy to know


  • Be gentle in your make up application- “hands must be lose”
  • Synthetic brushes are better at picking up colours
  • For non matte, glittery eye shadows: it is better to use fingers
  • Beauty blender must be used wet (either wet it with water or spray it with mac’s prep + prime-alternatively it Evian facial spray)
  • Blusher colour guide-peach absorbs light, pink reflects light
  • Highlighters-Asian skin best to use champagne-y colours, not white, not gold

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