5 things to note before going to Rawa Island


At first glance, Rawa is just like any ordinary Malaysian east coast island. What had me was the water slide into the ocean. Oh yes please!

I’ve been trying for the longest time to find a reason to pay this island a visit, and finally did for my bachelorette getaway a week before the wedding [this is highly not recommended as you would be so tanned on your wedding day and your mother will bising].

Before you pay this island a visit, these are a few pointers to take note of!

1. Its a private island

What does that even mean. Well, it is not a commercial island that has a few resorts/chalets. On the island there are only two place to lodge-either a higher-end resort or laid-back chalet type of accommodation. I went for the latter. This also means you won’t be able to do the bookings via agoda or the likes, only through the official website here. Both places are owned by the same owner and are side by side (literally just a footstep away), the beach is shared between the two as well as most facilities.

Just fyi, it took me a few emails until they actually responded to me, so if you really want to go and yet to get a respond you might want to try again and again.


2. There is no fresh water

In all honesty, I had no idea what does this even mean at first. There is no water source on the island besides the sea water which is salty and there is no way you can drink salty water to survive, unless the water goes through distillation process which can be costly.

Water for showers are filtered but mind you it is still salty. Brushing your teeth can be disgusting but shower is fine, especially if you love rocking that salty beach hair look. If you are rather weirded out by this, pack some wet wipes with you and use drinking water for brushing teeth.


3. Price is inclusive of everything except for drinks

When I read this I automatically thought drinks meant alcoholic beverages (bimbo moment) and other fancy drinks. Like, who charge for water right….but boy was I wrong. This goes back to point number 2,  fresh water is a scarcity. You will have to pay for your bottled drinking water which costs MYR8 per bottle. If you have extra space in your bags, take a few bottles from the mainland with you. Nobody said no outside food and drinks right?


Food is served 3 times a day, but don’t worry if you get hungry in between. There are a list of food that you can order (with charges). Chances are you won’t get hungry as the food are served buffet style, mostly seafood and the food is amaymaymayzing!

What our bill looks like at the end of the trip

4. There is not much activities on the island


If you are looking into getting away from the world, this is perfect. We went on weekdays, it was really quiet, serene, peaceful. Perfect for those who are worn out and want to spend some quiet time alone. I didn’t go on weekends but from what I heard, weekend can be happening with crowds coming over to party. But hey, who cares about things to do when you’re with great company right?


5. Sun sets facing the beach

Plus points if you are a sucker for sunsets like me! The sun sets at the beach facing the resort! Grab yourself a cocktail and watch the sun goes down


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